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hey i love here so much

tdp Answer:

omg, no more than i love you 


Hey, someone else asked me to do a post talking about my opion of Larry (here’s the ask) and I agreed, so ok.

First of all, I’M NOT A LARRY SHIPPER them I do not believe on it, my opion about this is that they’re just friends and and nothing else and always have that people to say “but they care each other like they were more than that” and hey, c’mon u also care of your friends like you are brothers, because after sometime of friendship you start to need that person, so in my opion that’s what really happen to them, they need each other. And always have someone with “photos that proves Larry is real” but the big question is have you ever stoped to search photos of them with Niall, Zayn or Liam? They’re always looking around, but when they look at each other BOOM! someone comes to say that they’ve looked each other and them they’re a big couple of gays, stop it! All exchange glances, wanting or don’t. So it doesn’t means that Larry exists, bc it doesn’t. And apparently Eleanor is back, so that’s another why for stop with it, because if they’re together again, them they’ve feelings  for each other.

Did you liked it? If you think that’s absolutely awful tell me and I’ll never do it again and if you liked I’ll do it again, x.


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